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This suspension magnet is a ground-breaking characteristic air cooled and oil-cooled electromagnetic separator SMS, which is suspended over the transport item streams. You may normally discover them in the generation line, which permits simple access that further assumes an indispensable job in keeping up the magnet for better execution. It ought to be worked in the zones, where no vital pieces of the passing on framework can end up polarized including idler rollers, pulleys or belt bolster plates.

These Magnets are normally mounted above Belt Conveyor to concentrate Pieces of tramp iron from material being moved. Extents fusing lasting or electro magnets are accessible, the sort picked for specific application being controlled by feed trouble, nature of tramp iron, ecological conditions and plant area.

* DFGC Aluminum and Cooper Conductor with class 'H' protection
* Heavy- duty effect plate
* Three/Four point suspension

* Effectively installed
* Compelling and predictable execution because of high attractive transition thickness
* Flush stainless steel attractive surfaces are effectively cleaned physically
* Given handle to swivel magnet for cleaning purposes

* Coal Industries
* Cement Industries
* Sugar Mills
* Paper and Pulp Industries
* Recycle Industries
* Power Plants
* Fertilizers
* Foundries and so on.

* Guarantees Product purity
* Reuse ferrous and non-ferrous scrap
* Recovers materials
* Recovers profitable minerals
* Makes redesigning of magnetic materials
* Removes iron contamination
* Prevents damage to plant and secures profitable types of equipment investment

* Security of Processing Equipment, for example, crushers, pulverize, conveyors belts,screen and so forth.
* Purification of product or element for higher quality final result by expelling iron from material in procedure, for example, foundry sand, glass cullet, grain, food products, chemicals etc.
* Recovery of either the ferrous or non-ferrous material from open hearth and impact heater slag, incinerator and trash plant items and so on.
* Recovery of steel from steelworks slag.
* Rescue of significant apparatuses, Cutter bits and hardware parts.
* Reclaiming steel for rescale and isolating ferrous contaminants from other recyclable material, for example, aluminum, glass, plastic, tyres, curshed cement or wood.
* Numerous offices utilize Magnetic Separator to secure hardware, for example, smasher at quarries.
* Cement plants: They keep metal out of coal pummel.
* Pulp and paper plants use them on wood chips.
* The extraction of tramp iron from coal transports to ensure pounding factories in power station and screen in collieries.
* Foundries they use to evacuate chills, spruces and gaggers from foundry return sand.
* Recovery of ferrous metal from family unit or mechanical decline (Garbage Plant).