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Eddy Current Separator

The MAGWELL INDUSTRIES Eddy Current Separator is the fundamental non-ferrous metal separator. It is arranged and delivered to give the most vital possible recovery paces of non-ferrous metals. Our high repeat rotors are proposed to surpass desires in any application where recovery or parcel of non-ferrous metal is required. The MAGWELL INDUSTRIES Eddy Current Separator (ECS) is suitable for a wide extent of employments from the recovery of little non-ferrous metals, to greater demolished piece metal strategies. They also end up being amazingly adequacy in recovering aluminum containers from mixed waste streams, Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF) or from nuclear family dry mixed reused materials.


Eddy current separators have a vehicle line structure with a fast appealing rotor close to the end. The rotate speed of the magnets delivers a selection field, making a rapidly changing alluring field (see enthusiasm). The segment relies upon the standard that each electrically conductive atom arranged in a trading appealing field is quickly enraptured.

⦿   Uncommon Earth Magnets
⦿   Profound Magnetic Field
⦿   Bigger Magnetic Field
⦿   Triple Layer Protection

⦿   High quality, long life
⦿   Increments non-ferrous recuperation
⦿   Fantastic recovery of considerable non-ferrous metals
⦿   Longer life, lower support and fix costs


Eddy Current Separator Manufacturers in Chennai

MAGWELL INDUSTRIES have extended their extent of Suspension Magnets during the time to give sustenance to the reliably growing size of vehicles, further enduring and transport speeds. MAGWELL INDUSTRIES can offer customers two sorts of suspension magnet, dependent upon express application nuances. The units are open as either electro or invariable magnets.Suspension magnets are unequivocally proposed for the extraction of rare tramp iron from a thing stream being passed on by a vehicle line or vibratory feeder. The magnet is suspended over a vehicle with sling chains setting the magnet face at the correct plot for perfect extraction. An electro suspension magnet can be re-arranged a long way from the vehicle and de-enabled for cleaning. A Permanent Suspension Magnet can be suspended from a voyaging trolley with the objective that it might be moved a long way from the vehicle to be physically cleaned.

The MAGWELL INDUSTRIES Eddy Current Separator (ECS)


⦿   Exceptionally world class high repeat rotor
⦿   Erratic plan to enlarge constant execution
⦿   Low bolster necessities
⦿   Fast belt for higher throughputs
⦿   Belts widths from 300mm to 2000mm (2 meters) open

MAGWELL INDUSTRIES supply twirl current parcel and appealing division rigging to above all the genuine reusing and metal taking care of associations and our continued with obligation to giving High Quality, High Performance, Reliability and Service ensures that we keep up our driving position.

Eddy Current Separator Manufacturers in Chennai
Eddy Current Separator Manufacturers
Eddy Current Separator
Eddy Current Separator