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Magwell Industries was incepted in the year 2008 and manage all its operation from Chennai, TamilNadu. Our group of team, who has insightful alertness of the field and is well versed with the magnetic separators of the industry. Under the capable regulation of our skilled professionals, Magwell Industries present Eddy Current Separator, Manufactured by ultimate quality raw materials, these are used in unraveling ferrous particles from non-ferrous particles. The products are recognized for their powerful assembly regular operations, and high proficiency. The magnetic Separator is worn to eliminate very fine magnetic components from low recognition, low-tackiness liquid.

The magnetic separator is anticipated for use in the metallic dispensation business and for the management of pre-concentrate extract from the high incline magnetic filter. The Magnetic Separators are used to improve or divide magnetic equipment from solids that are decided in a water suspension system. Most important media process such as iron ore manufacture requires a magnetic system. These products are made from perfect grade stainless, which is procured from trustworthy supplier as per the need provided by our clients these separators can have single or double constructions.

Obtainable products are artificial on such basis as business principles and norm to be able to guarantee perfect excellence and high features. Magwell Industries offer these proficient and continuing products at promote important rates to our appreciated customers. That was calculated to be less susceptible to developed variances so you can use a fraction of the time optimizing equipment.


Magwell Industries are dedicated towards fabricate magnetic equipment and added related appliance as per global excellence principles. For this, Magwell Industries have healthy residential excellence examination element which follow inflexible excellence events to strict excellence measures to construct faultless range of magnetic equipment and additional connected products to convene the application of varied industries. Fabricate flawless range of magnetic equipment and other associated products to meet the applications of varied industries. Each and all step is taken to supply, uphold and create a incredible and efficient excellence products which has been residential with other executive concepts by judge the right standards of technique’s.

Since Magwell Industries are occupied with assembling just as in offering turnkey undertakings to our clients, Magwell Industries give most extreme consideration to client's particular requests and necessities. Magwell Industries invest wholeheartedly in our capacity to keep an eye on all the requests made by the clients concerning structuring, creation, erection, establishment or some other work. Our work force guarantees that the customer's necessities are met with inside the stipulated time period and at industry driving costs. These undertakings are dealt with by getting the drafts of their plans or site maps for establishment, erection and so forth.

➤ Metal framing
➤ Welding
➤ Throwing
➤ Sintering
➤ Squeezing
➤ Expulsion
➤ Calendering

Outfitted with the most recent technology and assembling equipment, we have set down for ourselves a lot of destinations that have constantly guided us to give a superior presentation.

➤ To provide our customers with a consistent level of satisfaction at all times.
➤ To consistently support the way of life of cooperation for accomplishing our objective generation limit inside the stipulated time span.
➤ To achieve a wider client base and also to exceed their expectations by means of modern and cost effective technology.



Eddy Current Separator

The Eddy Current Separator (ECS) is an impelled metal arranging unit that is fit for detaching non-ferrous metals, for instance, aluminium and copper from private and present day squander. Non-ferrous separators are amazingly typical in the rapidly creating business area of can arranging, where they can give a definite parcel of aluminium containers from dry recyclables.


Suspension Magnet

Suspension Magnets are developed for removing occasional tramp iron from transports. Our suspension magnet is appropriate for consistent obligation events with limited quantity of ferrous metal articles to be evacuated. This equipment has a high attractive field power, no vitality utilization and a long assistance life. It is anything but difficult to introduce and use without support.


Vibrating Screen

Vibrating screens are fundamentally utilized for separating liquids and powders. Essentially, there are two kinds of vibrating screens-roundabout movement and direct movement Screens. The Circular Vibrating Screen Manufacturer is widely utilized in a mechanical application and is favoured over the straight vibrating screen. A one of a kind component of round vibrating screen is that it is upheld by springs.


Magnetic Roll Separator

The Magnetic Roll Separator utilizes incredible uncommon earth magnets that superbly isolate takes care of; this is made conceivable by the properties and exceptional arrangement of magnet utilized. Substances with low attractive properties are likewise viably isolated thus there are no chances of passing up a major opportunity even the least magnetically dynamic substance.


Over Band Magnetic Separator

Over bands are predominantly used to protect machines, for example, smashers, shredders, and others, to remove ferrous particles and filter products. Permanent magnetic over band separators are utilized when a programmed expulsion of ferrous contamination is essential. On the off chance that not, at that point fixed permanent suspension magnets are increasingly best.


Magnetic Rod

Magnetic Rod are extraordinarily made to expel the fine ferrous debasements from the free flow materials which is generally utilized in the creation of the flour, grain preparing, sugar, ceramic slurry. Magnetic Rod is long roundabout magnet where the length is equivalent to or more noteworthy than the breadth, they are perfect for recessing into a bored opening in a holding or detecting application.