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Magnetic Roll Separator


A magnetic separator is a bit of hardware that magnetically pulls in and expels remote metal pieces from different materials. They are normally introduced in a line of streaming materials and can be utilized related to metal finders and x-beam machines for most extreme safeguard against contamination and harm to costly gear.

A magnetic separator can fluctuate incredibly in size, design, and how they work, contingent upon the business and item in which they are planned for. A few sorts of magnetic separation hardware incorporate grate magnets, pulley magnets, inline magnets, suspension magnets, self-cleaning magnets, liquid line magnets, this rundown could continue endlessly and on.

Regardless of their differences, various kinds are made in view of one objective: remove undesirable metal contaminants. Having said this, there are a tremendous wide range of ferrous metal sorts that require extraction - from enormous drifter iron in mining circumstances to little work solidified SS sections and metal residue in delicate food fixings.


The procedure of magnetic separation is used in numerous businesses, some of which include:

⦿   Food and refreshments,
⦿   Pharmaceuticals,
⦿   Recycling,
⦿   Mining,
⦿   Coal,
⦿   Aggregate,
⦿   Plastic,
⦿   Rubber,
⦿   Chemicals,
⦿   Packaging, and
⦿   Textiles.

All through every industry, a wide range of magnetic roll separators are utilised relying upon the establishment area and the item that the metal contaminant is to be expelled from.


As referenced above, various businesses use various sorts of magnetic separation gear. In view of the factors between types, there is nobody set route for how all they all work.

For instance, pulley magnets are introduced added to a conveyor belts and hold the drifter metal contaminants until the belt arrives at a point where the metal is not, at this point held by the magnetic field, thus it drops off. Suspension or over belt magnets are introduced above product offerings and concentrate the metal pieces from the item on the conveyor below. Mesh and other inline magnets have direct contact with the item as it streams past, and hold the metal on the magnets until cleaned by an administrator. A few magnets sit fixed and others move constantly. A few magnets require manual cleaning by an administrator, others have a self-cleaning activity.


Magnets are introduced in different key areas all through a food processing plant - from the moment a product is established with the factory, during processing, and all through the whole procedure line including packaging. A portion of these areas include:
⦿   Blowlines and vacuum lines – lean/dilute phase.
⦿   Gravity lines
⦿   Pump lines
⦿   Liquid lines
⦿   Hopper discharge
⦿   Hopper inlet
⦿   Ingredient intakes
⦿   Packing lines
⦿   Bulk out load and releases.

Benefits magnetic roll separators

⦿   Recover fine magnetic particles.
⦿   Flexible magnetic recovery alternatives available.
⦿   Multiple passes systems permits for small foot prints.
⦿   Individual roll speed change and continuous speed checking permits streamlining control
⦿   Dust extraction good to permit safe and environmental friendly activity

Advantages of the Magnet Roll Separator

⦿   There is constrained limitation to the item stream, decreasing the opportunity of any blockages;
⦿   The profound magnetic field arrives at directly over the product flow to drag ferrous metal into the catch zone;
⦿   The solid magnetic field guarantees that any caught ferrous metal doesn't get knocked off product flow;
⦿   By opening a fixed side entryway, the Plate Magnet or Magnetic Cone can be effortlessly cleaned of caught ferrous metal;
⦿   Easy to introduce into existing procedure lines;

Disadvantages of the Magnetic Roll Separator

⦿   Only appropriate for dry material processing. For processing slurries and fluids, the Liquid Magnetic Trap is required.
⦿   There is a breaking point to the separation between the Magnet face and inverse side of the created body, in any case metal might be missed. The Magnetic Hump, with two Plate Magnets, is frequently utilized for bigger openings.
⦿   Magnetic roll separators and metal finders are significant metal piece controls for some, enterprises including food and refreshment, pharmaceutical, processing, mining, and reusing. In the event that conceivable, it is best practice for the two sorts of gear to be used together so as to accomplish most extreme insurance against metal tainting dangers.

⦿ Recuperate fine appealing particles
⦿ Adaptable appealing recovery choices available
⦿ Various pass structures contemplate little impression
⦿ Singular move speed change and continuous speed watching licenses headway control
⦿ Residue extraction impeccable to allow safe and earth agreeable undertaking


Magnetic Roll Separator Manufacturers in Chennai

MAXWELL INDUSTRIES produces Magnetic Roll Separators. It is of high power and tendency. It is used for current mineral applications. It joins high-imperativeness unprecedented earth neodymium enduring attractive roll get together which is delivered and amassed to make appealing field to the solicitation of 24,000 Gauss. Under this high power attractive field, weakly attractive iron contaminants can be successfully removed profitably. It finds applications in treatment of grinding, unshakable and terminated rough materials, glass unrefined materials; and cleaning silica sand, quartz, feldspar, dolomite and various metals and minerals, plastic rough materials.

Attractive move separators offered comes in the quality improvement, finish and discover expansive use in achieving consistent extraction of minimal attractive particles from explicit minerals. The use of these sorts of appealing separators assurances of keeping up high mineral perfection and discovers wide use in industry divisions like masterful and mineral dealing with organizations.

The working methodology of these move separators incorporates treating the material treated, continued from a compartment/vibratory feeder at a controlled rate on a powerful magnet that empowers an attractive material to propel associated with move face and other non-attractive material being started the face at the common bearing

Magnetic Roll Separator Manufacturers in Chennai
Magnetic Roll Separator Manufacturers
Magnetic Roll Separator
Magnetic Roll Separator